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2010 Parliamentary Archive

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Medicines for rare cancer
21 Dec 10
Prompted by concerns that the Government's body for assessing the effectiveness of medicines, NICE, may have appraised drugs for rare conditions that are outside its area of expertise, George has tabled these PQs looking at criteria for specialised commissionning, the effectiveness of appraisals for ultra-orphan drugs and guidance from the DH.

LibCons' slashing of local authority grants
13 Dec 10
George questions the local government minister, Eric Pickles, on the impact of cuts to Knowsley. Read his question and the Secretary of State's response here.

George asks David Cameron about the investigations into the tragic deaths at Sonae
8 Dec 10
Following the explosion at the Sonae plant on 7 December, George raised the matter with David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions, asking "In a tragic incident yesterday at the Sonae factory in my constituency, two people working at the plant were killed. I am sure the Prime Minister will join me in expressing deepest condolences to the families of those who were killed, and does he agree that when the Health and Safety Executive and police investigations into what happened have been completed, whatever action that is necessary will be taken?"

The Prime Minister replied saying "I certainly join the right hon. Gentleman in what he says about his constituents and the dreadful accident that took place. It is important that we have procedures in place for the HSE and others to investigate these issues and, as he says, they should follow the evidence wherever it leads."

Read George's statement on the latest Sonae incident and the debate George led on Sonae in Parliament in 2007.

The ConDem's assault on education
8 Dec 10
George highlights the restricted debate in Parliament given to the Coalition's cuts in higher education funding and hike in tuition fees as well as the impact that the scrapping of education maintenance allowances and the loss of the Aimhigher programme.

George asks the Prime Minister to reconsider the withdrawal of the education maintenance allowance
24 Nov 10
"I am sure that the Prime Minister will agree that education is a powerful agent for social mobility. While I welcome in principle the pupil premium, emerging details seem to suggest that taken together with the withdrawal of the education maintenance allowance, it could deter some young people from staying on in education. Will he agree to meet a delegation of experts to address that very specific problem?" Read the Prime Minister's reply here.

Omand review of the case of Jon Venables
23 Nov 10
George raises the Omand review of the case of Jon Venables with the Police and Criminal Justice Minister, Nick Herbert: the review “was released this morning. It is 114 pages long. Is he also aware that my constituent, Ralph Bulger, the father of James Bulger, and his brother Jimmy Bulger knew nothing about the release of this report today until the media contacted them, asking for a statement on what they thought would be in this 114-page document? Can he ensure that this kind of thing does not happen again?” Read the Minister’s reply here

Compensation for Guantanamo suspects... a 'bitter pill to swallow'
16 Nov 10
George points out that many people will find the proposals to pay financial compensation to Guantanamo a 'bitter pill to swallow'. Read the debate in Parliament here.

George warns Government against slashing number of MPs
3 Nov 10
In a debate on the Government's proposals to slash the number of MPs, George highlights some of the risks including taking voters rights away to appeal against decisions on representation. Read the Daily Post summary here.

Targeting educational resources at children in greatest need
18 Oct 10
George welcomes additional educational resources at children in greatest need and asks for assurances that the Education Secretary will work with him to ensure these resources are effectively targeted. Read the Education Secretary's response in Hansard here.

ConDems renege on debt of honour to Hillsborough and Alder Hey victims
14 Oct 10
George says that the ConDem's plans to scrap the Football Licensing Authority set up in the wake of the Hillsborough stadium disaster and the Human Tissue Authority formed following the scandal at Alder Hey hospital, are reneging on a debt of honour. Read George's statement in Parliament and the Cabinet Office Minister's response here.

Juvenile diabetes

16 Sep 10
George leads a debate on diabetes and young people highlighting the difficulties they face and calling for measures to help improve the efficiency of care as well as patient outcomes and experience. Read the debate in Hansard and George's article on ePolitix.

Fixed-term Parliaments

13 Sep 10
George makes a speech opposing the Coalition's plans for fixed-term Parliaments that would make it possible for the Prime Minister to stay in power even if a vote of no confidence was lost. Read George's speech here or watch his speech here.

Diabetes and multiple sclerosis

13 Sep 10
George's written questions on the funding and prevalance of two significant long-term conditions are answered here: type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

The Home Secretary, Teresa May reveals she has not received any independent views on how her plans will impact on crime
26 Jul 10
George asked "Can the Home Secretary tell the House whether she has had any independent assessment made of the likely impact of these proposals on crime rates?", but the Home Secretary avoided answering the question. Read her response here.

George asks the Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, about sentencing policy

20 Jul 10
'Does the Secretary of State accept, though, that short sentences might have a role to play in cases where a probation order or a community sentence has failed?' Read the Justice Secretary's response here.

Written questions on sentencing policy

20 Jul 10
The Justice department has answered a series of written Parliamentary Questions tabled by George on research commissioned by the Department on the effectiveness of short-term sentences,the number of sentences reviewed by the Sentencing Guidelines Council, discussions with the Treasury about the use of short-term sentences, advice about community sentences, numbers of people who have received short-term sentences and which types of offences may be more likely to receive community sentences in the future.

George asks the Prime Minister about the role of prisons in preventing reoffending
30 Jun 10
Does the Prime Minister accept that one consequence of a prison sentence is that those serving them are unavailable to reoffend? Read David Cameron's reply in Hansard.

New cross-party group to protect Merseyside elects George as chair
30 Jun 10
Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs have joined together to cushion Merseyside from the worst impact of the coalition government’s spending cuts. More information.

George asks the Prime Minister about the Saville report into Bloody Sunday
15 Jun 10
Does the Prime Minister agree that any action taken against former members of the armed services subsequent to the Saville report should be carried out in the interests of justice and not vengeance? Read the Prime Ministers reply in Hansard.

George poses questions on the Gurkhas

29 Mar 10
George puts questions to the Defence Secretary about consulting with Gurkha welfare organisations on the Gurkha settlement policy. Read the full questions and the Defence Secretary's response here.

George questions the Prime Minister on the economy
24 Mar 10
At Prime Minister's question time, George asks "the eminent economist Professor David Blanchflower has predicted that if the various measures that are now in place to support people in jobs were to be withdrawn, unemployment could rise towards 5 million. What does my right hon. Friend think the effect would be if a policy of cuts were to be adopted as a matter of principle? How would that affect the recovery in our economy? Read Gordon Brown's response in Hansard.

Prison numbers and crime
23 Mar 10
George points out that there is a link between the falling crime rate and the increase in the number of offenders in prison - in contrast to the Tories' policy to halve the prison population. Read the debate in Hansard.

Monitoring Islamist extremism in prison
23 Mar 10
George points out to the prisons Minister that it is important to focus on monitoring Islamist extremism in prison, particularly when associated with groups such as al-Qaeda, rather than focus on muslim prisoners in general. Read the debate in Hansard.

Investment in schools in Knowsley

18 Mar 10
George asks the Leader of the House for a debate on education "Will my right hon. and learned Friend try to find time for a debate on the announcement earlier this month by the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families of a £30 billion capital investment programme in our schools? That would give me an opportunity to discuss the £430 million invested in secondary schools in Knowsley, the £44 million that is going into primary schools, and Sefton council's ambitious programme for investment in schools. Also, can my right hon. and learned Friend envisage any circumstances in which those sums might be put in jeopardy?" Read the debate in Hansard

The Intelligence and Security Committee
18 Mar 10
George points out that the Intelligence and Security Committee needs to operate differently from other Select Committees: "Some issues could be aired in public sessions with the heads of the agencies or, for that matter, even Ministers on some occasions. However, it is important that we carefully delineate that which can be discussed in public and that which inevitably, because of its nature, would have to be discussed privately." Read the debate in Hansard here and this intervention about supervising the activity of the intelligence agencies.

British Indian Ocean Territory and RBS (Small Business Lending)

10 Mar 10
George chairs debates in Parliament on British Indian Ocean Territory and RBS (Small Business Lending)

Jamie Bulger and media speculation about Jon Venables
8 Mar 10
George raises concerns of the Bulger family with the Justice Secretary, who are "very, very distressed" by the media furore following the recent news that Jon Venables has been imprisoned. Read George's comments in Hansard.

Terrorism and Islamist Militancy

10 Feb 10
George gives a significant speech on terrorism and Islamist militancy, calling for people of all faiths to work more closely together and to address difficult questions about multicultural society. Respect and parity of esteem between faiths are key to this, and as such, it strengthens the case for the disestablishment of the Church of England. Read the full speech and debate here.

Question to the Prime Minister about sharing intelligence with close allies
20 Jan 10
Does the Prime Minister "have any concern that the unwillingness of our courts to protect the secrets of our close allies might have an effect on their willingness to continue to co-operate at the very high level at which they have co-operated in the past?" Read the Prime Minister's response here.

Proportional representation and the alternative vote system
5 Jan 10
George offers some advice to the Justice Secretary, Rt Hon Jack Straw MP, about the alternative vote system and proportional representation. Read the full debate here.


You can see earlier press appearances and speeches here:
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View the Parliamentary achive here:
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