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Statement on Covid-19

In line with government advice, my staff will be working from home during the Coronavirus crisis and surgeries are cancelled until further notice.

The best way to contact me during this time is by email to: george.howarth.mp@parliament.uk

If you have an ongoing case and are in email contact with a member of staff, you can continue to use their email contact details.
If you are not able to use email, you could authorise a third party (relative, friend or neighbour) to contact me on your behalf, providing your details and confirming that they have your consent.

If the only means of communication available to you is telephone, you can leave a message on 0151 546 9918.

If you have an urgent problem, you may find it more appropriate to contact the relevant organisation directly.

Some useful contact details are provided below:

Knowsley Council here.

UK Government (Coronavirus Advice) here.

Livv Housing (formerly KHT) here.

For Housing here.

Knowsley Housing Options (Housing Advice) here.

Knowsley CCG (GP and local health service enquiries) here.

Big Help Project Foodbank here.

Department of Health and Social Care here.

Department for Business Innovation and Skills here.

Department for Work and Pensions here.

Rt Hon Sir George Howarth MP


Covid-19 Legislation - 5 November 2020

Many people have contacted me regarding legislation, passed on 4 November 2020, to implement a four week lockdown in England.
My view is that the restrictions are necessary in order to try to bring the number of infections down, prevent further deaths and protect the NHS. In Knowsley, when the Tier 3 restrictions were introduced, the infection rate peaked at 716.4 per 100,000 (as of 12 October 2020), so it has been a serious problem.
Even though the rate of infections has now fallen to 589.3 per 100,000 (as of 23 October 2020), it remains a grave problem.
This legislation should have been brought forward following the advice of Sage which the government was aware of on 21 September 2020. The advice from Sage can be found here. The government has been far too slow to act.
You can check how I voted and read a transcript of the debate that took place here in Hansard.

Rt Hon Sir George Howarth MP

Covid-19 Restrictions - October 2020

A number of constituents have contacted me to enquire about how the tier three restrictions in the Liverpool City Region will affect them. Constituents may find it helpful to view this table, as it provides a simplified view of the restrictions. The Department of Health & Social Care also provide further information about the restrictions here.

More generally, I believe the three tier system announced by the government is problematic for two reasons. First, it is not accompanied by a financial package sufficient to protect jobs and businesses in Knowsley and the wider city region.
Secondly, SAGE have said that they do not go far enough. We need a circuit breaker which would be more effective in bringing down the rate of infections. I believe we should follow that advice.

Rt Hon Sir George Howarth MP


Covid-19 Statement - October 2020

The new restrictions for our area, announced on 1 October 2020, were in response to a sharp increase in infections in Knowsley and the Liverpool City Region.
Council Leaders and local MP's, myself included, believe that additional restrictions are justified. We do, however, have criticisms of the way in which the government is handling the pandemic and the lack of transparency over the scientific evidence on which the decisions are based. Moreover, we have made it clear to the government that, if we are to avoid the collapse of the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors in the city region, with consequential job losses, a financial support package of some £700 million is urgently needed. We are pressing very hard on this.
Earlier this week, the emergency powers legislation was renewed. The Brady amendment, which would give parliament more say in the introduction of any new powers, was unfortunately not selected by the Speaker. Had it been so, I would have supported it. The government has indicated that parliament will have more involvement and, as the opposition, we will use those opportunities to highlight where the government is going wrong and what improvements are necessary.
It is important that we all recognise that Covid-19 is still present, and in recent weeks, the number of infections in Knowsley and our city region has increased alarmingly. That being the case, it would be irresponsible not to support increased restrictions to reduce the spread.
I understand and share people's frustration that these measures have been introduced. Not being able to visit loved ones or enjoy our leisure time is a big sacrifice to make.
If we are to return to a more normal life, however, we cannot allow the infection rate to continue unchecked.
I would urge people not to follow online conspiracy theories. The virus is with us and is killing people all over the world.
I urge people to follow the restrictions fully so that we can all play a part in stopping the virus spreading and killing more people.
Anyone requiring advice, support or information throughout the pandemic may find the following links helpful:

- Knowsley Council
- UK Government
- NHS Test and Trace
- Public Health England
- Citizens Advice Knowsley

Rt Hon Sir George Howarth MP


Campaigns, petitions and policy issues - Early Day Motions - Bills before Parliament

If you have contacted me about a campaign, petition or policy issue; I will post all responses here on my website.
If you are asking me to sign an Early Day Motion (EDM) you can check the EDMs I have signed here.
To follow the progress of Bills before Parliament in 2017-2019, click here.


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