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We must learn from the tragic deaths at Sonae

8 Dec 10
Following the explosion at the Sonae plant on 7 December, George issued a statement saying "My first thoughts are with the family and friends of the people who died. We must learn from the tragedy at the Sonae plant.

"There have been a number of incidents at Sonae in the past that I have raised in Parliament. We need to await the outcome of the joint police and Health and Safety Executive investigation into yesterday's tragic events before coming to conclusions, but it is essential that their findings are acted upon to improve the safety of the plant - for all those who work there, for those who live nearby and in honour of those who died."

George also raised the matter with David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions, asking "In a tragic incident yesterday at the Sonae factory in my constituency, two people working at the plant were killed. I am sure the Prime Minister will join me in expressing deepest condolences to the families of those who were killed, and does he agree that when the Health and Safety Executive and police investigations into what happened have been completed, whatever action that is necessary will be taken?"

The Prime Minister replied saying "I certainly join the right hon. Gentleman in what he says about his constituents and the dreadful accident that took place. It is important that we have procedures in place for the HSE and others to investigate these issues and, as he says, they should follow the evidence wherever it leads."

In February 2007, George led a debate in Parliament about safety at the plant. That debate can be read in Hansard here.

Update: 16 Dec 10 – George reiterates call to the Liverpool Echo that all necessary measures are taken to ensure that Sonae operates safely

Phil Woolas writes to George and the Parliamentary Labour Party

6 Dec 10
In a letter to George and the Parliamentary Labour Party, Phil Woolas thanks those who have supported his campaign to remain the elected MP for Oldham and Saddleworth. Read Phil's letter here.

George reacts to Phil Woolas Court Decision
3 Dec 10
George raises concerns about the implications of the ruling on Phil Woolas after he lost his bid to overturn an election court's ruling barred him from politics.  Watch George’s appearance on the BBC and read the Liverpool Echo’s coverage.

The Liverpool Post reports on Merseyside MPs’ expense claims
3 Dec 10
Read the Liverpool Post article here.
Merseyside MPs cane coalition over schools shake-up
25 Nov 10
George points out that funding curbs which, taken together with the axing of educational maintenance allowances (EMA), will “make it a lot harder for poorer youngsters staying on in education after GCSEs.” Read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.

George warns Government against slashing number of MPs
3 Nov 10
In a debate on the Government's proposals to slash the number of MPs, George highlights some of the risks including taking voters rights away to appeal against decisions on representation. Read the Daily Post summary here.

Juvenile diabetes

16 Sep 10
George leads a debate on diabetes and young people highlighting the difficulties they face and calling for measures to help improve the efficiency of care as well as patient outcomes and experience. Read the debate in Hansard and George's article on ePolitix.

George warns against closure of Delphi plant

25 August 10
George today warned that the proposed closure of the Delphi car technology factory would be an appalling loss to both Merseyside and the UK motor industry. Read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.

George marks start of new diabetes centre at Fazakerley hospital
11 August 10
George marks the start of construction on the new £1.5m diabetes centre at Aintree Hospital due to open this winter. Read the full story in the Maghull and Aintree Star.

George backs campaign to end 'legal loan sharking'
2 August 10
As banks reveal vast profits, George joins 100 leading figures to call for caps on excessive credit charges that can push customers into inescapable cycles of debt and poverty. More information.

George slams Government plans to abolish the Merseyside policy authority
27 Jul 10
The ConDems have announced plans that will undermine public proptection and could lead to greater crime. Commenting on the plans in the Liverpool Daily Post, George said: "These are ridiculous proposals. The current chair of the police authority, Bill Weightman, is a local councillor in my constituency. He is already elected and as such he has ground-level experience of what local people want in terms of policing. If the coalition is determined to ditch such expertise, my fear is that crime will go up".

George vows to fight Osborne's plans to cut public services

22 Jun 10
Commenting on the ConDem's plans to slash public services by a quarter, George says the budget is an "all-out assault on families in my constituency and we will fight it tooth and nail." More information.

No mandate for Labour Government - Labour should form constructive opposition

9 May 10
In an interview with the BBC's The World This Weekend, George says that “the mass votes don’t stack up... we have not got a mandate for a Labour government; we have not got a mandate for a Labour government supported by the Liberal Democrats”. On a possible deal with the Liberal Democrats, George said: “what I think has been demonstrated over the past couple of days is that they are small c conservatives...I think Nick Clegg has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t think a deal with Labour is something he wants to do... the best thing is for the Conservatives to form a government and for us to be in opposition, but opposition in a constructive way.”

George calls on Business Secretary to investigate Ethel Austin owner
14 Apr 10
George raises concerns after Ethel Austin owner, Elaine McPherson, put the business into administration on February 8 and bought parts of it back last month, after almost 2,300 workers had lost their jobs. Read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.

George calls on Ethel Austin owner to create permanent jobs
2 Apr 10
George calls on the owner of the Ethel Austin to create permanent jobs, not rely on agency contracts. Read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.

Tory victory will wreck Knowsley and Sefton school programmes
23 Mar 10
Responding to a question from George who pointed out that since the government came to power £430 million has been spent on upgrading secondary schools and £44 million on primary schools in Knowsley, Harriet Harman said that “important investment in each and every child’s education and future opportunities” could be lost. Read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.

George backs measures to support pubs

22 Mar 10
George backs £3.3 million in aid and the slashing of controversial "beer ties" to support struggling pubs. Read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.

George pays tribute to the late Michael Foot

4 Mar 10
George said of Michael, he "was many things – a literary figure, a political figure and a journalist – and all of them reflected his early days on the Mersey." Read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.

Knowsley MP George Howarth and Birkenhead MP Frank Field's save our pubs call

12 Feb 10
With up to 50 closures per week nationwide, Merseyside MPs have warned that a “great British institution” is seriously at risk. George said that pubs “lie at the social heart of our communities, employ more than half a million people across the UK and provide an important contribution to the national income.” Read the full story in the Liverpool Echo.

George calls for more to be done to treat Gurkhas fairly
11 Jan 10
George expresses disappointment about the outcome of today's high court test case on Gurkha pensions saying "the fact that this small but significant group of veterans are still discriminated against shows that there is still more to do to ensure that the Gurkhas are treated properly and fairly". Read the full story in The Independent and BBC Online.


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