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2008 Parliamentary archive

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This page contains a collection of questions, speeches and Parliamentary motions by George Howarth during 2008. To see more recent activity, click here.

Grants to ease the impact of the recession
11 Dec 08
George asks the Minister of State, Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform what criteria apply to the making of grants from the transition loan fund through regional development agencies. Read the Minister's reply here.

George highlights the Tory party's plans to cut public services
24 Nov 08
I congratulate... [the Chancellor of the Exchequer] on the targeted approach that he has taken, which is a fair response to the world crisis and to the question of how to deal with it in our economy. However, may I disagree with him slightly? I am afraid that he is quite wrong about the Conservatives. They, too, have reverted to type and they do have a response: massive cuts in public spending. Read the full debate in Hansard here or watch the debate below.

George asks questions re neonicotinoid weedkillers

27 & 29 Oct 08
In response to concerns raised by the Soil Association about a group of weedkillers known as neonicotinoids which are suspected of harming the world's rapidly diminishing bee population, George tabled Parliamentary Questions to find out what is known about these compounds and if the Government will consider banning them. Read the full questions and answers in Hansard here and here.

George tables a Bill to improve health and safety education for young people
22 Oct 08
George tables a Ten Minute Rule Bill in Parliament that requires principles of health and safety to be included in education and training curricula in schools, colleges and relevant university courses as well as in work. Read the full debate in Hansard here.

Knowsley campus call brings hope for new jobs
17 Oct 08
David Lammy, the universities minister, agrees to study proposals for a 600-place campus, to be linked to the expanding Edge Hill University following questions in the House of Commons from George. Read the full debate in Hansard here.

Refractory angina

15 Oct 08
George leads a debate in Westminster Hall calling for better provision for refractory angina patients. Read the full debate in Hansard here.

Detention for terrorist suspects
13 Oct 08
George intervenes in the debate on the length of time suspected terrorists can be held for questioning. Read the full debate in Hansard here.

Intelligence and security
17 July 2008
George is a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee. George made a number of interventions during the debate on the Committee's activity during the year, and you can read his speech in Hansard here.

Northern Ireland questions

25 June 2008
George asks the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland about relationships between the devolved Assembly and Ministers in Whitehall. Read the full debate in Hansard here.

Sentencing policy
17 June 2008
George discusses sentencing policy and the Sentencing Guidelines Commission.
Read the full debate in Hansard here.

Question to the Prime Minister about the 42 day detention limit for suspected terrorists
11 June 2008
Does my right hon. Friend agree that the question of up to 42 days’ detention for terrorist suspects is more a matter of practical necessity than high principle?
Read the full transcript in Hansard here.

Parliament debates on IVF
20 May 2008
During the debate on access to IVF treatment, George made a number of comments on parenting. They can be read in Hansard here, here and here. You can also view coverage on the BBC.

Speech on saviour siblings
19 May 2008
Subject to the safeguards the Bill contains, we should allow medicine to intervene to save more lives and reduce suffering wherever possible...
Read the debate here and BBC coverage here.

George votes for a referendum on whether or not to stay in Europe
4 Mar 2008
Increasingly the Tories' position on Europe is informed by a desire to leave the EU, yet there is significant public support for continued membership. This is distorting the debate on questions such as the EU Lisbon Treaty. George therefore voted with hte Liberal Democrats for a referendum on whether to continue with EU membership as this will allow the political debate to move onto more practical questions of how to make the best of our membership. Read the debate here.

George leads debate to safeguard pensions for Marconi Telent workers
Feb 26 2008
[There is] a stong case for an urgent review to clarify the regulatory framework for such developments and to identify any outstanding regulatory requirements...
More information: read the full transcript in Hansard here and media coverage in the Liverpool Daily Post, globalpensions.com and Knowsley Online.

George outlines his position on the EU Lisbon Treaty in Parliament
20 Feb 2008
George outlines his past record on issues relating to the European Union, and explains why he supports the Government's position in favour of the Treaty and continued membership of the EU.
See the full transcript in Hansard here.

Call for sufficient resources to be made available to Parliamentary transparency
7 Feb 2008
Will she [the Leader of the Commons] give an absolute undertaking to the House that whatever resources are needed to complete that work [bringing the issue of allowances, and that of transparency, to a satisfactory conclusion] will be made available?
See the full transcript in Hansard here.

Question to the Prime Minister on intercept evidence
6 Feb 2008
Will my right hon. Friend acknowledge that intercept evidence, such as that connected with the recent Crevice trial, has been used to prevent some appalling terrorist atrocities in this country? Will he ask those responsible for taking this work forward to take into account the fact that, if such evidence is to be used in court, it could inhibit important operations?

Read the Prime Minister's reply here.

Parliamentary motion to support the Merseyside Rolls Royce workers

15 January 2008
Following a meeting with Rolls-Royce workers from the threatened plant in Netherton, George is one of the primary movers of a Parliamentary motion in support of keeping open the factory. Read the full motion here.


You can see earlier press appearances and speeches here:
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View the Parliamentary achive here:
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